(Over 1,800 Children & Young Adults killed 

in Cuyahoga County, Ohio since 1990)



When will we stop our family from killing our family?  Killing each other? Why are so many keeping their eyes and minds closed to the war in the streets of America?  It won’t stop or at least slow down until we work together on a solution.  It seems like it’s gotten too easy to kill.  It seems like its gotten so much easier to send everyone to jail for a long time instead of creating and offering educational opportunities, mental health programs, programs to get off drugs, employment, community projects offering jobs to rebuild and save our neighborhoods or for at least 70% of the churches in our communities to offer after school classes or projects in a safe environment.  It easier to charge everyone with RICO charges than to do all aforementioned suggested solutions.


  1. When will the murders of our children stop?
  2. Why do our children kill each other?
  3. Why do friends and
  4. acquaintances kill each other?
  5. Why are our children killing each other?
  6. When will respect replace disdain?
  7. When will love replace hate?
  8. When will courtesy replace discourtesy?


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