Dear Family:


I am very sorry for your loss.  My youngest son was murdered in May 1994.  That is why I founded Survivors/Victims of Tragedy, Inc. in December, 1997, as a Support Group for those of us who have lost a loved one through murder.  Currently, we meet every six (6) weeks at a restaurant on at Saturday at 4 pm where we have a Linner (late lunch/early dinner).  If you can’t come the Linners, we can meet at a location closer to you.


If you would like to become involved in an activist group, such as Black on Black Crime, Inc., to help us stop the violence that surrounds our children, please let me know.  Help us expand and strengthen our outreach services to others; such as, reaching out to parents whose child or other family member has been murdered, families of missing children or adults, candlelight vigils, protests, marches, talking to the kids at schools, community centers, churches, etc.


On August 2, 2002, we dedicated a Memorial Wall/Wall of Sorrows at 14748-70 Euclid Avenue, East Cleveland, Ohio  44112.  The Memorial Wall, which is 4′ x 30′, lists the names of over 1,400 children and young adults between the ages of birth through 25 who have been murdered in Cuyahoga County since 1990.  Pictures of the Memorial Wall Building are now on our website.  We had to take the Memorial Wall/Wall of Sorrows down, but the panels of the Memorial Wall, pictures and other things that were put on the building have been stored for safekeeping until we can complete the rebuilding of the Wall.  We have been trying to rebuild the Memorial Wall/Wall of Sorrows and have wanted to create a beautiful and peaceful Garden of Peace for families to gather as well as for the neighborhood gather.


Now that BBCI has its own building, we can move forward and have our own Memorial Wall/Wall of Sorrows Room where we can put up pictures, poems, thoughts of love.  We are working on getting the empty lot next to the office where we can make a place for the Memorial Wall/Wall of Sorrows and a Garden of Peace for us and the community.  We will need your help to make this a reality.  I look forward to being able to have our own Wall of Memories back up.


My sympathy and condolences to all of our families who have lost a loved one because of violence.  Together we can find a way to help each other survive another day.  God bless everyone.


Judy Martin