Our Mission Statement

Survivors/Victims of Tragedy, Inc.’s mission is to help those who have lost a child, a relative or friend through a violent death such as murder, vehicular homicide, suicide, etc., to help families and/or friends hold vigils/memorials, to assist families in putting pictures on the Memorial Wall/Wall of Sorrows and to assist families in dealing with the Victims Assistance Office or the State Parole Board with regard to the murderers of their children or other relative, among other things, to the best of our abilities. Survivors/Victims also works with families of missing persons.


Love, Courtesy, Respect, Tolerance, Patience. Stop the madness. Stop the violence, Save our children, Gangs and drugs mean death, use your brain — choose life not death.”


Without peace, love, respect, kindness, tolerance, courtesy and/or patience, there is hatred for oneself & others, which can lead to senseless violence and the murder of our babies, children and young adults.